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Roles at the Caribbean Postal Union


CPU Council


This is the highest decision making body of the organization and comprises thirty members. The Council meets annually to establish the policy guidelines concerning postal matters and approval of programmes of the CPU and shall ensure that sufficient resource is available for implementation of the decisions in their countries.

CPU Conference


This body shall be responsible for implementation of the policies and strategies adopted by the Council and its decisions are applicable to all member countries.

Management Board


This body is responsible for ensuring the continuity of the Union’s work and administration of the Union’s affairs between the meetings of the Conference. It consists of seven members namely: Anguilla, Barbados, Bermuda, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Great Britain and the British Virgin Islands. The Management Board is elected by Conference and shall hold office for a two year term.



The mandate of the Secretary General is to provide technical support and policy development to the CPU (Council, Conference, and Management Board) through administrative, financial and secretariat services in sync with the objectives of the Council, Conference and the Management Board



Members shall be responsible for implementation of decisions approved by the Conference

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