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Clare Seraphin-Wallace

Clare was born and raised in the village of Soufriere in Dominica and has served as Postmaster General (Manager of the National Post System) for a combined total of over sixteen years. Clare is passionate about the Post and dedicated to its growth, advancement, modernization and spreading awareness of its continued relevance in the Caribbean.


A career Public Officer, Clare has served the Government of Dominica for over thirty years. During that time, she has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge of the Public Service, having worked in key departments such as the Ministry of Agriculture, the Establishment & Personnel Department, the Office of the Director of Audit, and the Ministry of Trade. Her willingness to learn and commitment to professional development has been continuously exhibited by her completion of a BSc Management, a LLb Law and most recently a MSc  International Trade Policy.


Clare enjoys traveling and in her free time, loves reading books, listening to the radio, and watching Netflix.

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